European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank, as the development bank of the European Union, is a natural partner for the Hungarian Development Bank Plc. The cooperation is based on the strategic similarities of the development objectives and activities of the two institutions. This cooperation goes back to 1998, when MFB joined the loan agreement between the EIB and (originally) six Hungarian commercial banks. Since then several refinancing loan agreements have been signed, and the EIB is the biggest single source of funding for MFB and MFB became the link between the EIB and the banks and development projects in Hungary that are not financed directly by EIB.

European Investment Fund (EIF)

The Hungarian Development bank is the Hungarian institutional shareholder of The European Investment Fund. The objectives of the EIF are in line with those of MFB, namely to promote the implementation of development policies, notably in the field of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, growth, employment and regional development. Members of the MFB banking group are in the position to directly implement EIF mandates in Hungary. Our objective is to transpose the EIB-EIF operating structure within MFB group in Hungary.

Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)

The CEB is the development bank of the Council of Europe; its mission is to reinforce Europe.s social cohesion. Accordingly, its objectives correspond to a significant degree to the loan objectives of the Hungarian Development Bank, including SME job creation and retention projects, construction of social (rental) housing, development of healthcare infrastructure, development of educational and vocational training infrastructure, rehabilitation of town districts, environmental protection, rural development, and the protection and renovation of historical heritage. Consequently, the CEB has provided several refinancing credit lines to MFB since 1999 under its business model, primarily in respect of SME and Municipal Loan Programmes, and mainly in the fields of infrastructure development, energy saving, environmental protection and healthcare.

European Commission (EC)

The Hungarian Development Bank, via its membership in professional associations as well as directly through its Brussels Representative Office, keeps close contacts with several relevant Departments of the European Commission. The MFB Representative Office represents the banking group on workshops and conferences organised by the Commission and takes active part in negotiations related to shaping cohesion policy. The daily contact with the European civil servants allows the continuous flow of information between the EU policy makers and the main development policy implementing financial institution in Hungary. It also helps MFB in fully respecting the economic policy priorities and competition policy rules of the European Union.

Our most important partner services in this respect are: DG Regional Policy, DG Enterprise and Industry, DG Economic and Financial Affairs, DG Energy and DG competition.